Tyrese Haliburton Looks Like No Rookie

Eureka! The Kings have struck gold. As is the case with the precious metal, it looks good wherever you put it–on one side of the court or the other–and plugs nicely into key situations. The shine and weight instill a sense of pride and established foundation. And the appearance of such glimmers can lift someone’s status seemingly overnight as if it were always the case. Yes, the Kings struck gold, for after a mere three games, it’s clear: Tyrese Haliburton looks like no rookie.

Sacramento couldn’t ask for anything more from the jackpot they procured in the NBA Draft; Haliburton has played beyond expectations and is a joy to watch. It’s as if we are watching a six year veteran who knows his role and plays it to perfection. Judging by his instant upward trajectory, it’s only a matter of time until Haliburton really develops into a great talent.

I’m not sure what I’ve been more impressed with, his defense or offense.

If Fox, Buddy, and Haliburton are all on the floor together, I already want Tyrese guarding the best player, that’s how good he looks. His long arms have been grabbing steals and getting in the way of passing lanes.

His defensive IQ and on-ball defense has led to stops on the floor with his remarkable knowledge of when to double team and rotate.

In the Kings’ two wins, Haliburton posted a defensive rating of 97.5 compared to the team’s overall defensive rating of 105.5.

Yet I’m still not sure what side of the court he looks better.

Haliburton has looked equally smooth running the offense and in three games, he has 15 assists to just 1 turnover. He always finds the open man, and his ball placement is precise.

Although his jumpshot may look a little funky, it’s proven to be effective. The young guard is knocking down threes at a 41.7% rate and has yet to miss a free throw.

If all else fails and he needs to take it to the basket, the kid can do that just as good as he does everything else.

Haliburton has shown why he’s in the game when there’s little time left and the score is tight. He hasn’t made many mistakes, and by the looks of his game, that should be a trend we will continue to witness.

He truly was the steal of the draft as the Kings found another nice young piece to build around. The league doesn’t see too many rookies with the discipline, IQ, and skillset that Haliburton possesses. He is already a great asset for the team and it will be fun to watch as he gets even better. Plus, he’s a reminder that gold is, indeed, fit for a King.

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