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McNair Makes His Mark in Sacramento

Monte McNair made his first move as the Sacramento Kings’ general manager last night, shipping Bogdan Bogdanovic off to Milwaukee in a sign and trade. In return, Sacramento received Donte DiVincenzo, Ersan Ilyasova, and DJ Wilson.

Although the Kings didn’t get a player that will have the immediate impact Bogi will make for the Bucks, don’t underestimate the worth of DiVincenzo and a possible work in progress in DJ Wilson that can replace Harry Giles’ role when he ultimately departs this offseason.

Bogdanovic was solid throughout his three years in Sacramento, but it’s clear the new front office was unwilling to shell out big money for essentially a sixth man. When it came between overpaying a player or getting assets in return, McNair chose the latter, preparing himself for Fox’s extension and the possibility of keeping Hield and Barnes who also come with large price tags.

Bogi will be missed in Sacramento, but hopefully his replacement in DiVincenzo can fill and exceed the role Bogi provided for the Kings. DiVincenzo plays defense, knows his role on offense, and has a winning attitude, claiming two National Championships in college and playing for the best regular season team in the NBA the last two years.

DiVincenzo was a great piece off the bench for a great Milwaukee team and is seen as a spark plug who plays stellar defense. If he can keep improving, as he’s only going into his third season, perhaps Donte can cement himself into the core of this team’s future.

After yesterday’s trades, playoff chances for Sacramento seem dim now that the Pacific Division is officially stacked with the two LA teams, a rejuvenated Warriors team, and a Suns team featuring Chris Paul.

With Bogi gone, it will be interesting to see if McNair and company dish away Buddy or hold onto him as a starter. Might McNair dump Buddy’s large contract to begin his phase of rebuilding the team or will he keep Buddy and try to recreate what Sacramento had going during the 2018-2019 season?

It is a short offseason with just a little over a month until the NBA season begins, and the transactions are just beginning. Be on the look out for more trades and signings as McNair looks to right the ship for this Kings organization.

For now, Kings fans will have to deal with the news of Bogi’s departure on their own terms, but keep in mind we did receive a true asset in DiVincenzo in return.

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