Choosing Between Bogi and Buddy

We are reaching the peak of the Buddy Hield or Bogdan Bogdanovic debate. It’s as if the fans, Luke Walton, and the Sacramento Kings’ front office are stuck in a 1980s flick where we have to choose between the sexy rebel who plays by his own rules, Buddy Hield, and the nice gentleman who our mothers want us to marry in Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Buddy Hield lures us in with his insane shooting ability, a three point shooting contest trophy, and the ability to go on a tear with the flip of a switch. 

Hield’s downsides include his below average defense and basketball IQ, his tendency of being streaky at times, and being all about the drama.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t change, and who better to initiate his change to a better player than the Sacramento Kings? Just imagine how Buddy could get even better if he sticks to his strengths, improves in his weak areas, and let’s his game do the talking.

He is definitely a seductive player, but do his positives outweigh his negatives?

On the other hand, we have Bogdan Bogdanovic, ol’ reliable. He’s not sexy, or a bad boy, and that’s not a bad thing. Bogi is consistent while putting up good numbers at the same time.

Bogi will surprise us with big games every so often but you can always expect points in the teens and assists and rebounds in the low to mid single digits.

He’s the player traditionalists want on the team. He always stays in line, plays both ends of the floor, and will do whatever it takes to help the team win, even if that means coming off the bench.

Bogi is a prize worth winning but when compared to the potential of Buddy Hield, some of his value comes into question. Although this isn’t really fair to Bogi, that’s sometimes how worth is weighed.

At the end of the day, I think it comes to personal preference. Personally, I am a Buddy fan and see his positives outweighing his negatives and believe that he can change.

I like Bogi a lot too. He’s a great player that always gives his best. Although, his best is usually closer to above average than to great.

It will be an interesting offseason. The Kings already tied down Buddy last year with a large contract yet he is still sneaking behind Sacramento’s back, looking for attention from other teams and fan bases. With the drama being built up, would it just be easier to divorce Buddy and get rid of him altogether?

The Kings have an important decision with Bogdan as well. He is a restricted free agent, meaning the Kings can match any offer that a team proposes him. With reports that the Bucks are after the Serb and probably more teams to follow, will Bogi remain in Sac after this offseason?

Bogi won’t come cheap for being mostly a sixth man the last two years and Sacramento will need to make the tough decision of paying the man and tying the knot, or letting him walk into the arms of a stronger suitor.

The Kings might lose both players, retain one of them, or keep both. At this point it seems if anything is possible, but perhaps the best outcome would be to practice polygamy and get hitched to both.

If Sacramento does insist to just keep one of these shooting guards, the decision will show if they would choose the bad boy or Mr. Reliable in this hardwood version of a Rom Com.

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