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March 9, 2011: Sacramento Kings Fans hold up sings in support of getting a new arena and keeping the Kings in Sacramento vs. the Orlando Magic. The Magic beat the Kings 106-102 at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, California.

Regardless if the Kings beat the Lakers today, Sacramento’s NBA restart, and thus their overall season, will be chalked down as a complete failure. The same team that went 39-43 last year has regressed to the point where people are scratching their heads, wondering how it all went wrong.

From firing to hiring head coaches, to watching a freshly paid shooting guard have a subpar season on and off the court, this season could not be salvaged. Even with a last minute push before the NBA suspension and eight additional games to try and make a run for the playoffs, the Kings could not prevail.

Fans know where the mistakes were made this season, but don’t posses any power to make changes. Would you have picked up Giles’ option? Would you have slowed down a team that was excelling as an uptempo club? It’s as if the front office is trying to prevent us from ever watching a successful team.

It’s one thing after another and it feels as if the suffering will never end. What’s even worse is that this span of losing is so normalized that it’s just become another part of life that the Kings will likely blow a 20 point lead in the second half.

Vlade and Walton should be fired and replaced with competent personnel. But since we know that is unrealistic, here’s what needs to happen. Luke needs to figure out rotations, a style of play, and stop being such a player’s coach. The team needs an identity and a coach that won’t let them stray from the gameplan.

Vlade, I’m pleading for you to stop making boneheaded decisions. Pick up some solid role players in free agency to help surround Fox and the rest of the team’s core. Draft well and don’t make any trades that will hurt the team.

For the players and everyone else, I know it’s been a tough go this year but pick yourselves back up and brush off the dust. The team is not far from what was seen as a bright and upcoming squad.

The talent is still there, even if buried beneath the shambles of this season. We are a resilient franchise because even when the Kings lose time and time again, we always get right back up and prepare for next year. And even though it seems like next year never comes, our patience and determination will one day pay off. In the meantime, continue cheering on your team, push for change, and never give up hope, even when hope seems gone.

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