We Need to Have Bagley’s Back

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A short few weeks ago, Marvin Bagley claimed that he was ready for the NBA restart, stating that he both felt 100% and had put on some muscle. This was great news to know that the injury-prone big man had made a full recovery and was ready to return to the court.

Unfortunately for Bagley, he just can’t escape the injury bug. On Sunday during practice, Marvin landed on another player’s foot after coming down with a rebound. This resulted in a lateral right foot sprain and in turn, the Kings decided to keep him out for the NBA’s continuation games.

In a season, and more broadly a young career, plagued by injury, Bagley’s latest foot sprain is another hard blow for the Kings, the fans, and himself.

After controversially being selected with the number two overall pick in the 2018 draft, Bagley battled a knee injury during his rookie campaign, and his health only kept regressing. This year, Bagley has played a total of 13 games because of time sidelined with a fractured thumb, a left foot sprain, and now a right foot sprain.

It’s hard not to feel bad for the second year big man out of Duke. He can’t stay healthy, he is beginning to look like a bust, players drafted behind him in the draft are succeeding far beyond what he has accomplished, and the resentment towards him from Kings fans has been direct.

I don’t agree with bashing Bagley on the mere principle that he’s not Luka Doncic, or because he is injury prone.

I hope there’s a lot more fans out there like me who support Bagley and see that he is still a young talent with immense potential. Although there’s no certainty that this potential will be reached, and his history of injuries in his short career make it harder to believe each time he gets hurt, I can only support a young player trying to give it his all to help our Sacramento Kings succeed.

There is nothing we can do with Bagley except wait and see what Marvin will accomplish on the floor. It could be great things, he could be a bust but at the moment, I wouldn’t say anything is a given.

Bagley is 21 years old, has incredible athleticism, and has already shown glimpses of greatness in the few games he has played in the league. I wish the best to Bagley. Although he’s not Luka Doncic, Jaren Jackson Jr., or Trae Young, he is still a young talent who has just caught a few bad breaks early on.

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