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In the wake of yet another tragic death of a black man at the hands of police, Cap City Crown would like to send our support in ending racial injustice. Tragedies like this occur far too often, and George Floyd’s death is merely another link in a long chain of oppression and exploitation. In a world where humankind is more or less the same under our skin, it is sickening to see those treated unfairly because of the color of their body.

Black lives matter: this message needs to be repeated, for so many people in this country don’t believe that three word statement. They think that black lives in this world don’t have significance. That their thoughts, feelings, and emotions do not matter. It’s sad, heartbreaking, and downright repulsive to know that some view other human beings as less or worthless because of their difference of appearance or culture.

We support the black community, the just that work in law enforcement, and the righteous who seek change. Racial intolerance is too entrenched in this society and changes must be made. The world should never see somebody die due to the color of their skin. Fighting racial injustice isn’t confined to only attending protests. It means practicing and preaching racial tolerance, speaking up when you see bigotry and racism, and shaping the world to end social injustice. America is a country based on freedom and civil liberties, and until these rights apply to everyone, silence is unacceptable. Be an agent of change for equality.

Below are a list of ways to make a change:

• Contact your local legislators, demanding police accountability and police reform (both for protocol and city budget).

• Donate to organizations that will make a difference:

• The Know Your Rights Camp

• The Minnesota Freedom Fund

The Bail Project

• The Black Visions Collective

• A Gas Mask Fund

• The NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Communities United Against Police Brutality

• The ACLU

• The National Police Accountability Project

We mourn the loss of George Floyd and remember all those before him who faced the same avoidable fate. Our condolences go out to his friends and family as we seek justice for him and those prior.

Change starts with us.

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