The Kings Might Have a Chance for a Postseason Run

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The NBA and NBPA are currently engaging in conversation regarding a potential plan to finish the season in mid-July at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Knowing that, it seems the NBA would jump straight into the playoffs, but it is not yet clear how the tournament would look or work. 

With that, there is room for rumors both sound and absurd. But out of all these rumors there is one that has caught the attention of Sacramento Kings fans. Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the fringe-playoff teams may get a chance for a playoff play-in. Those teams would be the Trailblazers, Spurs, Pelicans, and yup, you guessed it, the Sacramento Kings.

Despite being a rumor existing abstractly in the imaginations of basketball fans, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to act like the Kings have a concrete chance to make the postseason.

As we all know, the Kings were on a hot streak before the season was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. Buddy Hield was thriving off the bench, even if he may not have liked it, Richaun Holmes was easing his way back from injury, and De’Aaron Fox still had a full head of hair as he continued blossoming into a star.

The Kings definitely proved to the league that they had overcome their early season struggles, so it was certainly a shame to see the season suspended so abruptly. It would have been fun to see if the Kings could pull off an upset and steal the eighth seed at season’s finish. But with these new reports, it’s nice to see that their hard work didn’t go to waste.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Kings play if, in fact, they get the opportunity to compete. Would Buddy still come off the bench? Would Bagley begin to play? There are so many questions that can only be answered if rumors turn to facts.

It’s been a long couple of months since basketball and the rest of the world came to a halt, but with Woj’s report, a season that gave so many glimmers of hope to Sacramento, could spark one more.

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