NBA 2K Tournament

It has been less than two weeks since NBA basketball vanished from our lives and it has become painfully apparent that the world’s orbit is certainly coming to a stop. It’s like an episode of The Twilight Zone— I am noticing things I have never noticed before. Get this, I have a significant other who shares an apartment with me. They seem nice.

But enough with stopping to smell the roses, it’s time for more basketball and that’s why we are putting on an NBA 2K20 tournament. Here’s how to join:

  1. Register an account on our website.
  2. You have a $15 “budget” to create your 5 man squad from the photo below.
  3. Email with your lineup and your team name.

The rules are pretty simple. Once we have enough entries, the tournament will begin. A bracket will be created at random and opponents will “face off” in a tournament of classic elimination games. When I say face off I mean the 5 man squads will be created and games will be simulated on NBA 2K20 and broadcasted by our favorite British announcer, Nigel Pickles.

Games will have two minute quarters and will be uploaded on our website with the title of the two teams that squared off.

There can only be one winner, and said contender will walk away with a free Kings t-shirt. 

This may not exactly be NBA basketball, but with what’s on the line for contestants, it’s the next best thing. And it beats making small-talk with your quaranteam.

So what are you waiting for? Email to submit your squad and team name for bragging rights and free merchandise.

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Rick Fox’s Chin
Rick Fox’s Chin
3 years ago

Are you guys streaming the games?