The Kings Acquire Jabari Parker for Dewayne Dedmon

Earlier tonight, the Sacramento Kings traded Dewayne Dedmon and a couple of second round picks in exchange for 24 year old Jabari Parker as well as Alex Len and his expiring contract.

Quite honestly, the return for Dedmon is way better than I could have imagined.

The Kings dump the rest of Dedmon’s salary over to Atlanta along with the Rockets’ 2020 and the Heat’s 2021 second round picks, all while grabbing a young Jabari Parker who is averaging 15 points per game this year and who is three seasons removed from a season where he averaged 20.1.

Parker still has one more year on his contract, although it is a player option, at a very team-friendly price of $6.5 million per year. If Sacramento can find a way to fit him into the rotation and hold onto him, the Kings will have added yet another piece to their young core.

Parker does come with baggage, however, as he has torn his ACL twice and is currently hurt with a shoulder injury. Despite that, he has averaged 15.1 points and 5.8 rebounds a game in his career while shooting 49% from the floor.

Even if Parker doesn’t work out in Sacramento, the front office will still have gotten rid of Dedmon and his contract while receiving a cheap piece in Parker and a cup-of-coffee player in Len who will be gone by the end of the season.

Now, with Dedmon’s $13.3 million a year gone, the Kings will have a better chance to sign Bogdan Bogdanovic in the summer. But we won’t have a clear idea of how likely it is that the Kings do keep Bogi until tomorrow at 12 noon PT, when the NBA trade deadline ends.

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3 years ago

Nice pick up..not quite a Red Sox salary dump, but puts them in a better position to retain Bogi!