A New Rock Bottom

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 27: Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield (24) reacts after losing to the Los Angeles Clippers 122-108 on January 27, 2019, at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire)

Just when we thought the Kings couldn’t sink any lower, they showed us that rock bottom is another five-hundred miles down.

Last night, Sacramento faced off against a 16 win Detroit Pistons team that had no Blake Griffin, no Luke Kennard, and no Andre Drummond. With only Bagley and Holmes out, this should have been a walk in the park. This, as has been written a lot this season, was not the case.

The Kings lost the game by 21 points, dropping them to a 3-15 record in the last 18 games and moving them to 5.5 games from the eighth seed.

For a season that had so much promise, fans, as well as myself, are frustrated and haven’t felt this disappointed in the team for quite some time, and that’s saying something.

The team that showed true flashes of greatness last year look utterly terrible this season.

Fingers are being pointed everywhere, and everyone has a right to be a bit frantic.

The front office has made mistakes getting to this point. Sacramento has had to watch Luka Doncic blossom into a superstar this season while Bagley’s injury woes have inhibited him throughout the season.

Trading away Iman Shumpert to make room for Harrison Barnes has also proven to be another bad move by the front office.

Shumpert was a leader on the team last season, and since his starting small forward role was given to Harrison Barnes, the team hasn’t been the same.

Walton has taken a promising team and returned them to the dumpster where this team has been for more than a decade, and subsequently lit it on fire. That’s a dumpster fire, folks.

He has thrown away all the work Joerger put into this team and it almost looks like we have to start again at square one.

Buddy Hield has struggled this year, jacking up poor looking shot after poor looking shot, all following his big extension.

Harrison Barnes is proving that he isn’t worth the money nor that he is the missing piece to push this team to the next level.

Bagley has only further shown that he cannot avoid injuries. Because of this, fans can only cross their fingers and hope that this trend doesn’t continue for the rest of the year and onward.

The team’s offense is poor and yet somehow better than their defense.

This is all ridiculous and embarrassing for the franchise. Changes need to be made and they need to happen either at the trade deadline or at the end of the season.

The organization needs to figure out what they want to do because after watching this season so far, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting dimmer after every game.

Fox is turning himself into a star while most of the young talent around him is falling behind. The Kings still have ample time to build a solid team around their franchise cornerstone, but will the 22 year old point guard even want to stay with this laughing stock of a franchise?

I’m not sure what the future holds for Sacramento, but the way the front office has been running this team, hope is fading.

The talent is there on this team, it just needs to be put together by qualified coaches and executives.

The mood in California’s capital is grim as fans see clearly what went wrong, but they have no power to make any changes.

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