What Should the Kings Expect Out of Bogdan Bogdanović this Season?

When the Sacramento Kings traded for Bogdan Bogdanović, I immediately went on YouTube to look at and analyze the Serbian’s game. He looked like a stone-cold killer as I watched him knock down threes and drain clutch shots in Turkey. Yet again, let’s not be fooled, that’s the whole point of a mixtape.

Needless to say along with countless Kings Fans, I was excited to see the rookie in action as we waited a year for him to make the trek from overseas. Although he had to share the floor with another high-level prospect in De’Aaron Fox, Bogdanović shined in his rookie campaign as he started 53 games for Sacramento. 


Bogdan Bogdanović 27.9 .446 .392 .840 3.3 2.9 11.8

As seen from his stats above, Bogie did a little of it all in his first year. He was a dangerous three-point shooter who could also handle the ball and make plays for his teammates. To cap it all off, he won MVP of the Team USA vs The World game during All-Star weekend.

Expectations were high on Bogdanović entering his sophomore year as he looked to be a key piece during the Kings’ rebuild.

But the Serbian struggled during some parts of his second season as he spent most of his time coming off the bench while Buddy Hield rose to the spotlight as the starting shooting guard. Bogdanović’s shot looked flawed at points and his whole game did not seem to flow as it did in his rookie year. It seemed that he struggled to find his niche in his new role off the bench.


Bogdan Bogdanovic 27.8 .418 .360 .827 3.8 3.5 14.1

His numbers had gone up, but his shooting percentages declined. In Bogie’s defense, sophomore slumps are real and it doesn’t help to move to the bench. Bogdanović is still a central piece of this Kings team and an important component as a member of the second unit.

Sacramento has lacked a solid bench for a long time now and Bogdanović could be the man to turn this around. He is a great offensive asset and will have a great supporting cast regardless of who comes into the game with him.

Bogdan has the ability and skills to make the Kings a force even when their second unit comes in. He encompasses the potential to be like the great Bobby Jackson and be the reason the Kings remain potent even when the starters aren’t on the floor.

Bogie is the perfect player to be on the court when Hield and Fox are resting because he owns the shooting threat missing from Hield and the playmaking ability missing from Fox. He is a dynamic weapon to use when the starting guards are on the bench as he makes up for both of them.

I have high hopes for Bogdan Bogdanović. I have liked him ever since I started watching his highlights online. He is a key figure for this budding Sacramento Kings team as the hopes of playoffs occupy the team’s minds. Although he might not be at Hield’s and Fox’s playing level, he bears the skill set to be great in his own right.

Hield, Fox, Bagley and the rest of the starters cannot do it alone. Someone has to be there to produce solid minutes when they need a rest. Bogdanović is that reassurance. He will need to improve his shooting from his sophomore year and truly embrace the role of a sixth man. 

If a lethal Bogie can come off the bench in Sacramento, then the Kings will truly be a force to reckon with.

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