Official Statement

In the wake of yet another tragic death of a black man at the hands of police, Cap City Crown would like to send our support in ending racial injustice. Tragedies like this occur far […]


2020: A Year of Misfortune

With talks of a potential World War III, a pandemic of massive proportion accompanied by a toilet paper shortage and a global halt, and the emergence of murder hornets, this year has not been kind […]


RIP 2019-20 NBA Season

A little less than a month ago could now be likened to the first double shot of a reluctant Wednesday night pub crawl. It was a daunting night heard pulsating from inside as uncertainty regarding […]


What is Divac’s Worst Pass?

Embed from Getty Images Yes Kings fans, it’s that time again: Divac-loathing-o’clock since there’s nothing else going on. There are two “passes” that our beloved player and pestilent GM Vlade Divac has made in his […]


NBA 2K Tournament

It has been less than two weeks since NBA basketball vanished from our lives and it has become painfully apparent that the world’s orbit is certainly coming to a stop. It’s like an episode of The […]


Way to Go-bert

Embed from Getty Images The world seems to be slowing its orbit—it feels like everything is coming to a screeching halt. However, unless you yourself stopped along with the turning of the planet as well […]


The Weekend Preview

Embed from Getty Images The Sacramento Kings caught a break last night. After losing to a short-handed Philadelphia team on Thursday and moving four games out of the eighth seed, the Spurs, Trailblazers, and Grizzlies […]

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